A participant can participate in only one age category

Age Category Date of Birth
U8 Born on/after 1st Jan 2005
U10 Born on/after 1st Jan 2003
U12 Born on/after 1st Jan 2001
U15 Born on/after 1st Jan 1998
U18 Born on/after 1st Jan 1995
U21 Born on/after 1st Jan 1992
OPEN Born before 31st Dec 1991

Games one can participate

Scrabble Quiz Spell Bee Math Bee Word Pix
Under 8 Yes No No Yes No No No
Under 10 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Under 12 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Under 15 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Under 18 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Under 21 Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Open Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
• Chess and Scrabble will be held simultaneously: You can participate in one of them.

• If you are NOT participating in Mental Math, Spell Bee or Quiz, You can choose to participate in both Word Prix and Solvathon.

• If you are eliminated from the Spell Bee, Mental Math or Quiz during the elimination round, you can participate in Word Prix and Solvathon on the event day.