We Indians enjoy BrainGames – be it chess, crossword or a spelling challenge. So, we thought of creating a unique community event that will bring together city’s brain game enthusiasts from all age groups from kids to youth to adults under one roof.

Delhi BrainGames is Delhi’s very own BrainGames festival. The Delhi BrainGames is all about having fun! It will be one of the coolest platforms to display brain sport talent! We hope to create an amazing, unforgettable experience for everyone who participates in the Games. The accumulated talent of hundreds of participants in one place will create a milieu that is unique in its ability to transport the mind, atleast during the event, to a different plane. Often this lambent feeling itself will make the participation worth it!

The Delhi BrainGames include variety of games such as Chess, Scrabble, Spell Bee, Math Bee, Quiz, Puzzles, Crossword, What's the Word and Sudoku. The event will be held on 27th and 28th April 2013 in Delhi at Thyagaraj Stadium.

Reason to participate could be any - it could be re-living your sporty days or judging how well you actually play or simply doing something different on a weekend than a routine movie-mall outing. So come out and play. Get your entire family and friends and have a great time at the Delhi BrainGames. Winning or losing is up to you, what we guarantee is one heck of a time!